firms that conduct business as broker-dealers in securities or in the investment banking ( investment bank) field are characterized as houses. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
1 - A designation that refers to proprietary, non-segregated clearing member firm trading activity. 2 - A clearing member or a firm. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
An account or transaction designated for the firm's own purposes, rather than for those of its segregated customers (See segregation)known also as a principal account or transaction.

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house house [haʊs] noun [countable]
1. COMMERCE a company, especially one that produces books, lends money, or designs clothes:

• America's oldest publishing house

• the French fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent

acˈcepting ˌhouse also acˈceptance ˌhouse BANKING ORGANIZATIONS
an old name for one of the London banks that accepted Bills Of Exchange
another name for brokerage (= organization that buys and sell shares, currencies, etc for other people )
an organization that makes payments between banks and other financial institutions that trade regularly with each other:

• Banks' and brokers' back offices are linked to a central clearing house in a single computer network.

in Britain until the 1990s, a specialist bank that borrowed from commercial bank S and used the money to buy Treasury bill S etc. These were bought by the Bank of England if the discount houses needed to repay commercial banks. Discount houses were therefore important in controlling the money supply
ˈfashion ˌhouse
COMMERCE ORGANIZATIONS a company that designs and produces new and expensive styles of clothing
a financial institution that lends to people or businesses, so that they can buy things such as cars or machinery. Finance companies are often part of commercial bank S, but operate independently; = finance company:

• The major suppliers of construction equipment have their own finance houses, who can offer attractive loan finance or leasing packages to customers.

a company that provides a service for a manufacturer before goods are delivered to customers, for example labelling or packaging:

• The fulfillment house hired by Kraft to handle the promotion accidentally mailed some out-of-date coupons.

a financial institution that arranges for a company's shares to be sold on a stockmarket:

• The issuing house was active in turning small- and medium-sized firms into public companies.

seˈcurities ˌhouse
FINANCE ORGANIZATIONS an organization that issue S (= makes available and sells) companies' shares, bonds etc, trades in shares, bonds etc for itself and for its clients, and provides other financial services to companies. Most securities houses form part of large international financial institutions:

• Bear Stearns, the Wall Street securities house, upgraded its recommendation on shares in Heinz to `buy'.

2. House used in the names of some office buildings:

• the BBC television studios at Broadcasting House

3. HUMAN RESOURCES in house/​out of house if work is done in house, it is done in a company's offices by the company's own staff. If work is done out of house, it is done outside the offices by people who are not directly employed by the company:

• We used to handle our advertising in house.

• a team of out-of-house lawyers

4. COMMERCE clean/​clear house to try to make your business more profitable by getting rid of parts of the business or staff that are making you lose money:

• They have been clearing house before the relaunch of the company.

5. on the house provided free to a customer by a restaurant, bar etc

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(ABBREVIATION Ho) used in the names of office or company buildings: »

The conference proceeded at the Cannon House Office Building.

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